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When you have a passion for what you do, any success of your partners is also your success. We were completely speechless and at the same time overwhelmed with pride when we learned that 18 of our clients are listed in the Gault&Millau Guide 2024. Incredible recognition for the hard-working teams behind these top businesses.

Thyme 12/20

Nestled in a beautifully renovated old farmhouse, Brasserie Thijm is the beating heart of Schilde. The moody terrace provides the perfect backdrop for any dinner party. Our extensive menu is a melting pot of worldly flavors, including delicious vegetarian options.

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Living Room Restaurant Dante 13/20

Warm hospitality and refined flavors with chef Sven Fonteyn and hostess Otis Claes. In this intimate establishment, they unveil a multi-course menu full of culinary surprises. A visit to Dante is a symphony of flavors, served in a warm, homey atmosphere.

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Pont Neuf 13.5/20

Pont Neuf, charmingly nestled near London Bridge, welcomes guests with open arms and an open kitchen. Led by hostess Dominique Leroy and chef Tommy Bocklandt, this stylish restaurant attracts a loyal clientele attracted by its pure, classically inspired cuisine, free of unnecessary frills.

Essenz 13.5/20

Having proven his ability at Faim and Verso Café, chef Joris Hoefkens has now teamed up with Benthe Vande Woestijne to create an intimate eatery in Antwerp’s Kronenburgstraat. Here he indulges his guests with a menu full of sophisticated flavors, including a vegetarian option and a concise à la carte.

Fortune 13.5/20

This past yea, Fortune was awarded “Brasserie of the Year. Also in 2024, Fortune continues its course, under the inspired leadership of chef Stijn Rotthier and his team. Here, brasserie classics are revived, each with a unique and personal touch. Depth and flavor are key, as seen in their signature dish: a toast cannibale of hand-cut beef tartare on a crisp baked brioche.

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Dishes at Bravohoeve testify to expertise and dedication, perfectly in line with the spontaneous attention that hosts Grgory Van der Brempt and Christophe Balthazar, along with their service team, give to their customers. This combination creates a unique “feel good” atmosphere that is characteristic of the popular brasserie.

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Numerus clausus 14/20

In the heart of Lier, you’ll find Numerus Clausus. Chef Steven Persyn is at the helm with his classic French cuisine, while wife Annelies welcomes guests, many of them loyal visitors for decades. Thanks in part to its price-friendly market menu, this restaurant has gained the trust of its guests. Moreover, the à la carte option still offers a selection of classics.

Lizanna 14/20

Liza and Anna, the two grandmothers who share a love of good food, hospitality and warmth with chef Levy De Beucker and hostess Stephanie Iserbiet, resulted in Lizanna. This homey restaurant, which earned two chef’s hats last year, continues to set high standards with their seasonally driven produce cuisine.

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Under the capable direction of chef Rudy Van den Seylberg, De Gouden Muts offers a perfect balance of carefully crafted menus and an extensive à la carte selection.

Tinèlle 14.5/20

Tinèlle, housed in an impressive 17th century former monastery and military hospital, is the culinary home of Ken Verschueren and Jenny Callens. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and convivial, which makes you want to stay a little longer. The quality of the dishes is top notch and the prices are more than reasonable.

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Atelier Noun 15/20

An evening at Atelier Noun feels like coming home. Here, hostess Sandra Ponchaut and sommelier Siebe Seynaeve seamlessly weave service and atmosphere smane, making every meal a special experience. The true magic happens in the kitchen, where chef Bert Castermans and his right-hand man Lander Faber create culinary works of art time and again.

Nebo 15.5/20

At Nebo, led by chef Dimitri de Koninck, the culinary experience is taken to the next level. Thanks to a strong kitchen team, the chef now more often takes the time to personally present his suggestions at the table, a gesture that significantly enriches the dining experience.

Dim Dining 16/20

Chef Simon van Dun and host sommelier Jonas Kellens are at the helm of experience restaurant Dim Dining. Here they continually strive for evolution and innovation, resulting in ever higher scores. Their development and dedication to bringing together diverse Asian food cultures, with an emphasis on Japanese dishes enriched with fusion influences, is nothing short of impressive.

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Restaurant Fine Fleur 16/20

Under the wings of Jacob Jan Boerma, chef Thomas Diepersloot continues to refine his cuisine and give it individuality. The serene and warm interior immediately provides a sense of comfort. Here you are welcomed with open arms, and sommelier Melissa Dominicus enriches the experience with her excellent wine pairings.

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Nuance 18/20

On May 8, 2008, restaurant Nuance opened its doors for the first time. Thierry and Sofie had thought long and hard about the name. “Nuance” means “fine distinction. A term that very nicely reflects their philosophy. To this day, that thought is palpable in every facet of their business. First, in the bold flavor associations on the plate. But also in their love of hospitality, with increasing attention to customer friendliness, comfort, atmosphere and experience.

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Salty 18.5/20

On the top floor of the MAS, you’ll find Zilte. Amid the Antwerp skyline and overlooking the stream, the cuisine of chef Viki Geunes, hostess Viviane Plaquet and their team unfolds. Total experience is the focus here: from hospitality to unique creations with attention to the essentials. Let your senses be stimulated.

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Boury 19/20

Under the leadership of chef Tim Boury, this restaurant continues to impress and has achieved a higher score for the second year in a row. With a 19 out of 20 and a fifth chef’s hat, Boury now stands proudly at the top of Belgian gastronomy. This achievement is a fine tribute to the entire team, with special thanks to wife and hostess Inge Waeles, brother Ben and top sommelier Mathieu Vanneste, essential links in this welcoming and efficiently orchestrated ensemble.

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At Jitsk Chocolates, located in the bustling heart of cookie city Antwerp, craft and innovation go hand in hand. Top chocolatier Jitsk stands for traditional craftsmanship with an innovative approach, working only with the highest quality raw materials.

From cozy bistros to avant-garde culinary temples, our clients have set the bar high in the gourmet sector. It is an honor to work with each of them and be a (small) part of their success story. So if you walk into an establishment from the new Gault&Millau guide soon, chances are you will be presented with a Buroform printable ;-).