Packaging that catches the eye


Why invest in packaging? On the one hand, you tell people with beautiful packaging that you have packed your customer’s order with care. You pamper them just that little bit more. On the other hand, a recognizable package provides free advertising: everywhere the package passes on its way to your customer. Even afterwards when it is left lying around, it can inspire friends or family. To even the point of being in the scrap paper! Even then you continue to inspire people, because hey … your neighbor or neighbor has already ordered from you, so why not them?

How do we make your packaging stand out?

A custom hood shape

Packaging can take on the most diverse shapes and sizes, so it is truly customized. With hood shapes, you can really go either way. With care we cut down your packaging and if you want, we’ll also put them together right away. That way you can sleep on both ears.

Eco-friendly packaging

In your choice of materials, you can make a big difference. We are FSC and PEFC certified, so we can guarantee you that all the labeled papers we work with come from sustainably managed forests.
The design of your cap shape helps determine the amount of paper needed to make your packaging. Our experts are happy to check if we could possibly run these more efficiently so that as much as possible fits within 1 printing sheet.
Buroform’s name card boxes are made from FoldKraft™, a PEFC-certified paper. We built the cap shape so that they stay firmly together without a drop of glue.

Tip: Hitch into a theme or season

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Christmas and New Year’s are the perfect time to let your customer know you haven’t forgotten about them.

Bonus tip: A customer’s love goes through the stomach. With chocolate, you’re never wrong :)

Budget-friendly packaging

Do you have a limited budget but still want to wrap your customers with beautiful packaging? Then a sleeve with a print in your corporate identity or a simple closing sticker can work wonders.

We like to think
with you!

We are happy to share our expertise with you and together create packaging tailored to your product. Contact our packaging specialist David Geelen or make an appointment.


In addition to that new corporate identity, we make sure your brand is seen, recognized, sticks and encourages purchase. The experts in our creative studio have a combined 650 years of experience. You’ll notice it right away.

Approach 1

1. The word is yours

Tell us what you have in mind. Since every business is different, it is important in the first stage to get to know each other well.

Approach 2

2. Inspiration

We shower you with inspiration and work with you to make the best decisions for your identity.

Approach 3

3. Quote

Is there a click? Then we will make you an offer.

Approach 4

4. Production

Woohoow! Time for the real thing! Had you always wanted to walk around a print shop? Then feel free to stop by during the production of your printing.

Approach 5

5. Implementation

It doesn’t stop at “printing.” Finishing, delivery, distribution, installation…. You name it, we do it. You may ask us EVERYTHING.