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Buroform only publishes the very best. Our printing office prides itself on passion and craftsmanship. It combines the newest techniques and a remarkable printing capacity. Because your printed matter must be perfect. Down to the last pixel.


A design that intrigues and inspires your clients. Up to date. In tune with new developments. Yes, we’re keen on high standards. Our designers scan the story of your company and design a visual style that matches it. Your communication from A to Z.


Burofom develops all your online communication. Tailored to the needs of your target audience. From website up to and emailing. Thanks to automated tools you keep control of all your efforts: transparency and efficiency in keeping with Buroform standards.

Storytelling is out.

We go the full 36°

Print Management. Why spread out when one place has it all? Buroform likes to structure, automate and optimize all your processes. As a full service communication agency we cater to everyone’s taste: a modern printing office, a graphic design studio and a logistic framework make sure you can advertise and communicate more efficiently.

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B | inspired

A fine sample of printed matter. Neatly designed. Meant to inspire you.

Drukkerij Buroform | Mercedes-Benz
Drukkerij Buroform | Umicore
Drukkerij Buroform | Kellogg's - Pringles
Drukkerij Buroform | Keytrade Bank
Drukkerij Buroform | Sodexo
Drukkerij Buroform | Le Pain Quotidien
Drukkerij Buroform | Carglass
Drukkerij Buroform | Vlaco