SPACES: A creative environment needs creative tools

Spaces was founded in Amsterdam in 2006 with the goal of creating a creative, personal and stimulating office environment where a community of like-minded startups, entrepreneurs, SMEs and (inter)national companies can meet and inspire each other. Various services are then offered to that community such as free WiFi, a barista coffee bar, administrative support, a wide range of business events and networking lunches and so on. Characteristic of Spaces is its innovative design, each time calling on internationally renowned designers.

Spaces offers a creative work environment with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

What can Buroform offer for Spaces?

A creative way of working needs a creative way of ordering printing, and let us excel in just the latter. With our marketing automation tool BAAS, we ensure that every Spaces branch can order print materials uniformly. With an approval flow, Spaces ensures control in every step of this process. Each order is first approved internally by Spaces before we begin printing or gathering the materials from our stock for shipment. Because in addition to printing, we also print and stock gadgets, roll-ups & other materials to make it as easy as possible. In this way, transportation costs are kept under control by sending everything from one place.

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