In memoriam: Johan Vloeberghs

† July 2020. Dear Johan, we will never forget you ♥

Johan Vloeberghs

I am Johan, 52 years young and attached to the printing industry all my professional life. For two years I have been sailing under the banner of Buroform as a project manager.

At Buroform, I am responsible for…

I work as a project manager, which basically means I guide our clients through their project from start to finish. This ranges from the initial contact on the phone and preparing the quotation to the delivery of the final product and everything in between. I advise the customer on paper choices, printing techniques and finishing forms, engage any external partners and ensure that the relevant teams get the correct info. In fact, you could say that much of what is organizationally necessary to add sparkle and glamour to a product falls into my duties.

I got my job at Buroform through…

By now I have been here for two years. Before that, I worked for eighteen years at Copycat in Wilrijk, a company I helped build. But at some point it ran out there, as far as I was concerned. After much thought, I spontaneously applied to Buroform. I knew the company by name, knew it was a place that wanted to grow and look: took the plunge and am extremely satisfied with it!

My morning ritual is…

Waking up very slowly 😊. I like to start the day as calm and relaxed as possible. To the extent possible, because actually I’ve been doing my job from the moment I get up. Even during the traditional choco sandwich, my work rarely leaves me. Nature of the beast surely?

What people don’t know about my position is….

The entire process leading up to printing is too often underestimated. Printing is about more than pushing a button so that several sheets of paper roll out of the presses. It’s a very technical thing. Many people don’t realize that. The know-how today is incredibly high. Printing goes a long way, and the slightest mistake can ruin an entire job. Each choice is important to give the final product the right look. There are untold numbers of paper types, printing techniques and finishes. As a project manager, but also as a company in general, you have to guide the client very well in this. That’s what makes Buroform so strong: we really take people by the hand so that every aspect of the final product exceeds their expectations.

My proudest moment at Buroform is….

This interview! 😊 No, in itself, the first project you bring in is still special. Lead the customer through that entire process until delivery. You are quite proud of that. But actually, I have that feeling with every project. I am happy, relieved and satisfied every time a client beams and looks back on the collaboration with satisfaction.

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

By choosing Buroform two years ago, I took a giant leap. I had my own business and suddenly, at 50, I became an “employee” again. I was extremely well received and taken care of here, both by the management and the other colleagues. What a team spirit. On my first day, there was a sign on my keyboard, “Welcome to Buroform. Such details still make this company rise above the ground. I also sincerely believe in the vision of the future here. Management has a well-defined idea of where Buroform wants to go. I fully subscribe to that philosophy. If you want to survive in this industry, you have to do things differently. Then you have to jump out. I am convinced that the future is up for grabs.

On weekends you’ll find me…

In the winter I work my way through the house, in the summer I like to roll up my sleeves in the garden. In addition, I regularly go out with my wife: visiting a city, going for a walk or a bike ride. A terrace and a fresh pint should not be missed then. Or I venture out to a festival during the summer months; that too is part and parcel of time. We are lucky to have a large group of friends, there is always something to do.

If I wasn’t a “project manager,” I’d be…

Teacher, according to my wife. A missed opportunity she continues to claim. But that has never been my ambition. I studied graphics at Saint-Lucas and then worked in a publishing house and print shop. Graphics is in my blood.

The best career advice I have ever received….

I am rather stubborn, so I don’t remember much advice 😊. But I just think it’s important to make my own decisions. What you choose for yourself, you cannot regret. I am someone who does not like to look back, I prefer to turn the gaze forward toward the beautiful things to come.