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POS material printing: more attention, more sales

POS material

These days, web shops are celebrating high times, which means that physical stores have to pull out all the stops. After all, nothing is easier than ordering from the comfort of your home. So as a store owner, you need to get to work. Because how do you entice people to visit your store, buy something and then come back? Then POS materials – which draw attention and help put your brand on the map – are a popular solution.

What is POS material?

POS stands for Point of Sale. In a nutshell, POS materials include all the displays that support the sale of products in your store. Think window stickers, posters, banners, displays, brochure holders, table stands and much more. They highlight your brand, product or promo. How can you best use POS materials in your business? Some tips…

Make POS match your brand identity

Consumers buy more than just a product. They are drawn to a story with which they can associate. What message do you want to spread? Your POS materials must answer that question as well. First and foremost, it should reflect the style of your brand. Always keep that in mind: make sure your Point Of Sale guards your corporate identity because recognizability and consistency are two important keys to success.

Stand out, create perception and convince

The customer decision-making process largely takes place on the store floor. And that customer, he wants to experience and feel something. POS materials must therefore convey a relevant, clear and positive message. Your brand, product or promo should stand out and entice so that people take action. Entertain your customer, provide experience and create an irresistible shopping experience. While doing so, never forget who your target audience is. You have to understand what your customers want so you can offer them exactly that.

Combine POS materials with targeted marketing campaigns

Alone is just alone. Merely aiming at POS materials is not enough. People today are informed through numerous channels. Strong POS materials therefore connect seamlessly with targeted e-mail, advertising and other marketing campaigns. POS materials can best be part of a targeted communication plan, where the in-store experience perfectly matches the experience online.

Important: make sure the message in your store is the same as the one you distribute through mailings or online ads. After all, consistency is what makes people remember your brand, what makes them bond with it, and what makes them finally engage in what really matters.

Choose a specialist with expertise

Formatting files correctly for POS materials can be a big challenge. Therefore, get proper guidance from our experts. We possess the necessary knowledge and experience and can help ensure that everything runs smoothly.


Buroform As A Service

For various customers such as LunchGarden, AkzoNobel, Alcon, SMA,… we offer total solutions. Not only do we provide print management for these companies, but through our smart digital platform BAAS, the (re)ordering of POS materials and other printed matter, print-on-demand and material in stock is better automated.

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