A magazine or brochure for your business

Magazine or brochure

Facebook unpacked its own magazine in 2021. Other Internet giants such as Airbnb and Uber already did it before them. When digitally oriented companies do it, it says something: content marketing is going back into print. The reason? Online ads are rushed; print media sticks much better and longer. A beautiful magazine or brochure with a valuable story, that stays on your desk (or coffee table).

As a business, how can you use a magazine or brochure?

Are you selling a relaxing magazine, want to neatly present your real estate project, or want to neatly bundle all your products and services together in a brochure? There are endless reasons why a magazine or brochure is a good idea for your business. After all, you can go every which way with it. Let us inspire you…

What is brand identity?

Your brand identity is more than just your logo, products or services. It is the overall impression you want to leave with your customer, and the attributes that set you apart from the competition.
Do you visit prospects to introduce your company? Then don’t underestimate the importance of leaving something physical behind afterwards. With a business card you do provide your contact information, but with a business card alone you’re not going to stand out from the rest, are you? In a brochure, you can communicate your message clearly and distinctly. That’s why a brochure or magazine is the perfect complement to your online marketing.

All of your offerings in a brochure

With a brochure, you can give clients or prospects extensive information about your offerings and why they should just partner with you. It immediately gives you space to anticipate frequently asked questions or to list all the benefits of your product or service.
Use your brochure as a small catalog with all the specifications and information about your product or service. Optionally, you can also include price lists.
Bonus tip: did you know you can track QR codes? There are simple websites where you can generate your own QR code. Put this QR code in your brochure. Then you can track how often and where your QR code was scanned. From those numbers, you’ll immediately see that that brochure was a good idea.


Whether you work B2B or B2C, it doesn’t matter. Everyone goes wild when you introduce your new collection, line or products in a fancy lookbook. Know that design and style are very important here, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about formatting to our studio. We are here for you!


When you publish your own magazine, you create a way to regularly and deeply engage with your target audience. Often literally through the mailbox, but also figuratively. Because having your own magazine gives you the space for your own and unique content. Tell readers why you do what you do and what you stand for.

Project Presentation

Are you still in the development stage? Then you can give a good impression of your project, product and/or service through brochure. By providing inspiration of the end result, you can convince customers to buy. This is very useful in real estate projects, for example, where it is often difficult to already envision the end result.


We, too, have our own magazine. A compilation of our finest projects, designed as a stunner of a magazine. Have you already got your copy?

We like to think
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Would you like to use a brochure or magazine in your business? Contact Kelly Andriessen, our magazine and brochure specialist or schedule an appointment.


In addition to that new corporate identity, we make sure your brand is seen, recognized, sticks and encourages purchase. The experts in our creative studio have a combined 650 years of experience. You’ll notice it right away.

Approach 1

1. The word is yours

Tell us what you have in mind. Since every business is different, it is important in the first stage to get to know each other well.

Approach 2

2. Inspiration

We shower you with inspiration and work with you to make the best decisions for your identity.

Approach 3

3. Quote

Is there a click? Then we will make you an offer.

Approach 4

4. Production

Woohoow! Time for the real thing! Had you always wanted to walk around a print shop? Then feel free to stop by during the production of your printing.

Approach 5

5. Implementation

It doesn’t stop at “printing.” Finishing, delivery, distribution, installation…. You name it, we do it. You may ask us EVERYTHING.