Want to have a hardcover book printed?

Hardcover book

Want to have a hardcover book printed? Nice! But what material are you using for the cover? And for the inner workings? What printing techniques or binding method do you want? Or do you desire special extras, such as a reading ribbon or color on cut? Plenty to think about. Of course, you don’t have to do it alone. Our experts will help you with all the choices and inspire you with countless examples.

What are hardcover books?

Hardcover book printing

A hardcover book is as the word itself says: a book with a hard cover. The yarn-sewn binding method is the absolute cream of the crop and very popular for high-end print products such as coffee table books, and for good reason. Much has to do with the durable nature of the binding that remarkably increases the longevity of your hardcover book.

Children’s book printing

Printing a children’s book is a craft. In Belgium – and even Europe – few printing companies specialize in it. We do have that expertise. For example, did you know that you can go many ways with the finishing touches of your children’s book? With an extra tactile paper and special printing techniques, we give your story even more experiential value!

Printing recipe books

Want a sturdy cookbook printed that can withstand dirt from the kitchen? Then a hardcover book is best suited for this purpose. We can make the cover washable and for an inside cover we choose a durable paper for longevity.

Printing art books

An art book is not just any book. It is a gem that tells a brilliant story. That’s why we like to pay extra attention to it. How we do that? You can read about that on this page, created for artists like you.

We like to think
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Would you like to have a hardcover book printed? Contact Jesse Marynen, our hardcover book specialist, or make an appointment.


In addition to that new corporate identity, we make sure your brand is seen, recognized, sticks and encourages purchase. The experts in our creative studio have a combined 650 years of experience. You’ll notice it right away.

Approach 1

1. The word is yours

Tell us what you have in mind. Since every business is different, it is important in the first stage to get to know each other well.

Approach 2

2. Inspiration

We shower you with inspiration and work with you to make the best decisions for your identity.

Approach 3

3. Quote

Is there a click? Then we will make you an offer.

Approach 4

4. Production

Woohoow! Time for the real thing! Had you always wanted to walk around a print shop? Then feel free to stop by during the production of your printing.

Approach 5

5. Implementation

It doesn’t stop at “printing.” Finishing, delivery, distribution, installation…. You name it, we do it. You may ask us EVERYTHING.