Your catalog or annual report in a fitting jacket

Catalog / annual report

Want to introduce customers to your products or services? Or would you like to offer them more insight into your numbers? Then dare to look beyond online solutions. A physical catalog or annual report has much more impact than an attached pdf or a link to a specific web page. People are visual by nature. A high-quality paper or special printing technique makes your message much more powerful and tangible than the convenience of the Internet.

Here’s how to create your catalog
extra attractive

The pleasant and the useful

No design yet? After a clear briefing, our studio pairs your numbers (the useful) with a breezy and readable design (the enjoyable). We take your content to a new dimension and accentuate what you care about with graphics, icons, color and illustrations. Of course, we prepare your catalog or annual report completely according to your guidelines and in your company’s corporate style.

Tab punching or register punching

To make navigation through your catalog easier, you can designate headings and chapters via different tabs. Among the tab punches, we know several types: the step register, the thumb register and the corner register. We would be happy to explain this to you in a personal conversation.

Catalog with Tête-bêche (reverse printing).

Want a catalog with 2 language versions? Then tête-bêche is a great solution. In human language, this means that language 1 starts at the front of your catalog and language 2 starts at the back of your catalog. In the middle the 2 languages meet and notice that one of the 2 languages is inverted.

Glued spine (seamless binding)

The word says it all. The spine of your catalog will be bound with glue. Solid technology that will last for years. Want to be really sure the book can take a beating? Then we bind with PUR, an ultra-strong adhesive that will keep your catalog beautiful for a lifetime.

Catalog binding with staples

Up to a maximum of 80 pages and at a minimum size of 105 x 148 mm (A6), you can choose to bind your catalog or annual report with staples.


Oognites are useful when the intention is to keep your annual reports in a ring binder. Again, the maximum number of pages (80) and a minimum size: A6.


Can it be a little more? A singersteek gives your catalog or brochure a unique look. We can use this technique for thin books with soft covers. We sew all the pages together with needle and thread in the back. The great thing about this technique is that you can match the color of the yarn to the design of your catalog or brochure.

We like to think
with you!

Contact Jesse Marynen, our catalog and annual report specialist, or schedule an appointment.


In addition to that new corporate identity, we make sure your brand is seen, recognized, sticks and encourages purchase. The experts in our creative studio have a combined 650 years of experience. You’ll notice it right away.

Approach 1

1. The word is yours

Tell us what you have in mind. Since every business is different, it is important in the first stage to get to know each other well.

Approach 2

2. Inspiration

We shower you with inspiration and work with you to make the best decisions for your identity.

Approach 3

3. Quote

Is there a click? Then we will make you an offer.

Approach 4

4. Production

Woohoow! Time for the real thing! Had you always wanted to walk around a print shop? Then feel free to stop by during the production of your printing.

Approach 5

5. Implementation

It doesn’t stop at “printing.” Finishing, delivery, distribution, installation…. You name it, we do it. You may ask us EVERYTHING.