Packaging: let’s build a greener world together

The highest quality message does good for the environment. With every decision we make, our green footprint thoroughly plays into our consideration. That’s why our creative experts developed these beautiful presentation boxes for name cards.

Environmentally friendly packing

Everything starts with the first impression. Beautiful packaging makes that first experience memorable. That’s why we chose FoldKraft™ paper from Papyrus. This paper immediately gives a unique, natural look and feel. Its high rigidity and tear-through resistance make this paper ideal for packaging, menus, greeting cards and labels. In addition, the evenly smooth surface on the front ensures optimal printing results.

Reduce environmental impact

By choosing this paper, we try to keep our footprint small. In fact, FoldKraft™ is virgin Fibers (PEFC™) with up to 15% recycled fiber in the backing.

So what does this all mean?
Virgin Fibers, or “New Fibers,” is as environmentally friendly as paper made from recycled fibers. You can recognize this paper by the PEFC or FSC label.

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