3D Varnish: impress with your imprint

Your printed materials are often the first knock on the door of your target audience. How do you ensure that that door effectively opens? With 3D Varnish, you are already one foot in. As the name suggests, this new technique puts a three-dimensional layer of varnish on your printed matter. The result not only looks beautiful, you also create a unique experience for the fingers. Because 3D Varnish creates a relief on the paper, which guarantees extra attention from your reader.

Give your logo, text or image a glamorous effect.

As subtle as 250,000 atoms in a row

Did you know that the layer of varnish of 3D Varnish is only 50 microns thick? That’s half as thick as a sheet of newsprint, or the thickness of 250,000 atoms in a row. Still, you can clearly feel the varnish with your fingertips.

Differentiate with class

3D Varnish offers unique opportunities to make your printed materials – and therefore your company or brand – stand out above other communications. For example, choose gold or silver foil on a black background, giving your logo, text or image a glamorous effect. And can you imagine the admiring looks you garner when you deliver your business card with 3D Varnish?

Buroform - 3D Varnish

3D Varnish through a technical lens

3D Varnish…

  • … is a post-printing coating technique, in which a coat of lacquer is added via UV light
  • … Requires a font at least 8 pt in size
  • … has a gloss level of 99%
  • … can only be on paper with laminate or varnish
  • … is possible for offset and digital printing
  • … can be up to a maximum size of 52×105 cm
Buroform - 3D Varnish

An extra dimension for beautification, as well as protection

3D Varnish literally adds an extra dimension to your printing. This not only offers aesthetic benefits, but also protects the paper from moisture, scratches and dust. The technique is ideally suited for printed materials that you want to give a longer life: a book cover, your corporate brochure, your business card, product packaging, the invitation to your event – even your wedding card. Because you can be sure of one thing: thanks to 3D Varnish, you will impress with your print.

The result not only looks beautiful, you also create a unique experience for the fingers.

One example says more than a thousand words

So come see some fine examples at our office. We warmly welcome you.

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