BAAS over every aspect of your printing

Buroform as a Service, or BAAS, is the name of our online printing platform. The direct link between you and our printing press. Not only do you personalize and order all your corporate identity documents with it, you use it equally well as an online product catalog and marketing portal.

BAAS - Buroform as a Service

Simplicity, transparency and efficiency. These are the code words of BAAS. The new platform brings all our previous initiatives together under one umbrella, making it easier for you to organize, personalize and order all your print materials. No more phone calls or emails. No hassle with choosing printing technology or paper, with numbers or sizes. Everything is highly automated so that future order confirmations can happen in just a few clicks.

Printing personalized in line with corporate identity

Many of our clients have several branches or dealers. All must communicate according to the guidelines of the headquarters. Therefore, BAAS is first and foremost a platform that monitors the corporate identity for everyone directly connected to your company. Like you, each of your branches can log into it for its printing. In your account, they will find all documents according to fixed, predetermined templates, in line with your corporate identity. These can then be personalized to your heart’s content. BAAS therefore helps ensure that all communications linked to your company run according to the agreements made. Name tags, brochures, flyers, posters, you name it. Your branch or dealer requests its templates, adjusts data such as logo, contact and opening hours and hop: the order can be passed on.

BAAS makes it easier for you because you truly control every aspect of your printing, without detours.

Online marketing portal and product catalog

Having all your corporate identity documents in one place is one thing. But thanks to BAAS, you also have more control over your further marketing initiatives. In fact, the platform also acts as an online marketing portal. For example, you can use your own image bank where you can house logos, images for social media, sales brochures and the like. In addition, BAAS also collects your product catalogs. Its pdfs are just online in your account. In an instant, you order the copies you want and have them printed on demand. Or you can have your products printed ahead of time for later retrieval from our central stock via order picking. BAAS makes it easier for you because you truly control every aspect of your printing, without detours. And so you can spend your precious time on other things.

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