Need inspiration for your end-of-year

Corporate gifts for the holidays.

Of course, every year you wish your clients and partners a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yet the way you do it can add value to your message. Gifting a Christmas card is always a good idea. A calendar even more so. A tip? Start thinking about your year-end campaign on time. Scroll on quickly for some inspiration and advice from our experts.

What do you put in a business Christmas card?

With a business Christmas card, you can still budget-friendly tell your customers that you are thinking of them. A touch of humor or a compliment straight from the heart from your Christmas elf can work wonders. Let a copywriter help think through the wording and make sure your cards are beautifully designed, so your cards will stay on your customers’ desks for a long time.

Getting a calendar printed as a corporate gift

An absolute classic. During the end-of-year period, a printed calendar or weekly planner remains a winner. Especially if you have it personalized. In that case, show off your brand on your client’s wall or desk for 365 days.

What sizes are available for a wine box?

Do you really want to blow your customers away? Then a wine box or champagne box is the cream of the crop. On the best night of the year, she shows off on your client’s banquet table. The hangover he or she takes with pleasure. Of course, we can make boxes in all sizes and shapes, but we also have some standard sizes for wine boxes available. You can download them here.

Personalized calendars

New year, new start. And maybe also a new best friend to help with your daily and weekly planning: the paper calendar is all the way back. If you have it personalized, it becomes totally part of your company story. Consider your logo or brand name on the cover. Or let out all the stops, go for a stylish foil-printed design and then use that personalized calendar as a corporate gift. In this way, you are by your client’s side every day of the year.

Having a gift box custom made

There is nothing more fun than getting presents. Therefore, don’t look too far. Surprise your customers with a piece of chocolate or crazy Christmas socks in a customized box. Create an unboxing experience that sticks. Surprising, original and festive. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be more than that.