Desk calendar as an original promotional gift: this is how to score with customers

A personalized year-end gift strengthens the bond with customers, partners and employees. The best example: a personalized desk calendar. Obsolete? On the contrary, if you handle it correctly at least. Because how do you make your calendar totally convincing? How do you make your attention feel real and genuine? Five tips, as a year-end gift from us.

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Keep an eye on your target audience

Not unimportant: to whom will you gift the calendar? Sales people or office workers, for example, they function in a very different way. One group spends its time mainly in the car, while the other moves mainly between its own four walls. So think about the format of your desk calendar: will you go for a smart pocket version, a creative wall calendar or a wonderfully authentic desk calendar? Determine the form first, then think about the content.

Don’t make your desk calendar too commercial

It’s all about the attention. Through the calendar, you show appreciation and confirm the fruitful collaboration between you and your employee, supplier, partner or client. Of course, your logo and contact information may be subtly visible, but don’t flaunt it. What matters is the gratitude your promotional gift exudes: you are happy that that person is part of your company.

Provide a visual gem

What gets your audience hot? Respond accordingly. Choose a theme that you know will touch you. In addition, make sure you have a visually strong concept. Beautiful images appeal, colors work as well. In doing so, focus on what resonates with your target audience. Consider photos with meaning, emphasize common accomplishments, feature colleagues, provide a personal touch by printing the recipient’s name on each page. If you think a little off the beaten path, you soon have several options for doing something special.

Design: Studio Posen

Consider a premium finish

There are countless different paper types and thicknesses, printing techniques, forms of finishing. They make your calendar look as simple or extravagant as you like. One tip: make sure the finish of your printing is a nice translation of your company’s style. A corporate gift remains a form of branding, keep that in mind as well. In addition, pay attention to practicality: choose paper that is convenient to use or at least easy to write on.

Design: Kris Demey

Highlight important dates

Give your client or employee a hand: dot important dates so the recipient knows immediately when vacations fall, events or outings are scheduled. Of course, the dates indicated must be relevant. And the recipient must have a message for it.

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