Redopapers donates surplus paper to second life

You may have heard of it: Redopapers, a sustainable project from the womb of Linde Luyten and Tille Lingier. Both ladies collect surplus paper from printing companies and then turn it into unique, handmade designer products. An initiative with a vision, then, and we at Buroform are happy to put our shoulders to the wheel!

Redopapers collectors

Tille and Linde are both graphic designers and in love with crafting paper and typography. Several years ago, they first stepped into the local copy shop in search of paper scraps. The idea: to reuse the waste material to create fun new paper products under the name “Redopapers. Their original designs proved a success, and today several printing companies are already participating in the project.

Experiment takes center stage

Because of the variety of paper and the recycling story, each product has a unique character. Redopapers: “We want to show that there are other ways to use creativity. You can also make beautiful things with simple materials. The paper itself is our greatest inspiration.

There is nothing like an interesting misprint or proof that we can then work into something new. Moreover, we love experimentation immensely. For example, we enjoy working with paper cutouts and delving into special binding and finishing techniques. No two Redopapers creations are the same, which keeps it always exciting and inspiring!”

Curious about Redopapers’ range of products? You can easily obtain the products through the webshop and in various concept stores in Europe.

“One of the most fun aspects of the production process is finding beautiful misprints and proofs and then incorporating them into our own creations.”