Unpacking with packaging: inspiration for a unique brand experience

For a strong brand, communication is everything and everything is communication, even product packaging. Are environment and ecology important to you? Would you like to exude a sense of luxury? Or do you prefer to come across as playful and creative? Show that so that your target audience immediately experiences who you are and what you stand for. From unique cap shapes and special printing techniques to ecological papers and personalized messages, this is how you add a unique touch to your packaging.

Creative with special hood shapes

In the form of an animal, flower or keychain. Or feature wavy lines or rectangular cutouts. Your packaging can take a wide variety of forms. With hood shapes, you can really go either way. A great example is the Easter boxes from Direct operations, which specializes in unique direct mailings. They chose a colorful box in the shape of the Easter Bunny for their Easter campaign: playful, creative and completely tailored to the message.

Copyright: wim knapen

Environmentally conscious packaging

Sustainability is an important issue these days, and perhaps for your business as well. That love for the environment can easily be reflected in your packaging. For example, we ourselves use completely ecological packaging for storing our name tags. Not only is it made of recycled paper, during production not a drop of glue is used: beautiful, high quality and environmentally conscious, exactly what we as a printing company want to convey.

Personalized promotional gift

A corporate gift with a personalized message on the packaging? Nothing or no one can beat that. There is nothing more catchy than addressing your customer directly, and for us, creating personalized packaging is a piece of cake. No immediate idea about the text yourself? Then our copywriters will create a dazzling slogan that completely blows your customer away.

Packaging with luxurious appearance

Can it be just a little more? Then you can choose from numerous special printing techniques with a luxurious effect such as foil printing, letterpress and spot varnish. If you combine them with the right paper, you can turn your packaging into something really special. Take this fold-out VIP box we created for RSC Anderlecht. High-quality sulfate board overlaid with a soft touch laminate and combined with gold foil creates an instant luxury feel, perfectly suited to Belgium’s biggest soccer club.

Got a creative idea of your own for Easter? Or need to put our heads together? Connect with us through David and together we’ll make sure your Easter campaign stands out!