VIP Gift Box

VIP tickets Anderlecht clenched in gift box


Printing technique
Offset (PMS)

Soft touch laminate
Foil Printing
Logging out

Sulfate Carton


For a club like Anderlecht, only a shining performance is good enough, and so this fold-out gift box of VIP tickets also had to sparkle and shine. We chose two-sided sulfate board as our base. A soft touch laminate was pulled over that, providing a velvety-smooth feast under the fingertips. The gold foil finishing then completes the luxurious feel.

About paper

Sulfate board is a high-quality material based on chemical, wood-free pulp. It is tough and tear-resistant and therefore easy to process. In addition, no other type of cardboard looks so “white. That light tone combined with a single- or double-sided iron-on coating makes it easy to print. Do you have blind printing, foil printing or other finishing techniques in mind? If so, it provides an ideal surface, especially for products that are frequently handled such as book covers, invitations, brochures, menus, luxury packaging and so on.