What a Warmest Week: thanks to everyone who participated

Around 700 booklets sold, nearly 3,500 euros in profit. Our Warmest Week campaign was a huge success. And for that we can’t thank you enough!

If you follow our social media channels closely, you couldn’t miss it in late December: you were inundated with teasers and calls to participate in our Warmest Week campaign. We created this as a show of support for our colleague Johan Vloeberghs († July 2020). He was stricken with pancreatic cancer last year, something that greatly affected us all. A colleague facing such an illness, we just had to do something for that.

Eco notebooks

With Kom op Tegen Kanker as our charity, we designed hundreds of A6 notebooks made from surplus paper from our print shop. Together we all collected, cut and glued recovery paper to make as many copies as possible. With results, as the response and expressions of support were overwhelming. In just a few weeks, as many as 685 booklets went out the door. The total yield? 3,425 euros, to be exact!

In the meantime, how is Johan doing?

We are hopeful! Currently, Johan has just over half of his chemo treatment behind him. By summer that would be all over, after which he could further recover from last year.

A warm thanks to everyone

Our Warmest Week action was shared massively. We received tremendous messages of support and, of course, the proceeds exceeded our wildest expectations. We cannot thank enough everyone who participated in our action in one way or another. It is only thanks to you that we were able to make such a wonderful contribution to Kom Op Tegen Kanker!



Unfortunately, we come with the sad news that in July (2020) we had to say goodbye to our dear colleague and friend: Johan Vloeberghs. After a year of hard fighting he lost the battle against his terrible disease. Until the last moment, he fought to survive, but the disease was stronger than himself. Far too young, a wonderful man, husband, father and colleague. He was. We are going to miss him so very much. Our support goes out to his wife and children, to his parents, friends and acquaintances.