Customer in the spotlight: Studio Posen

Who gets to say it better than our customers themselves? Therefore, we are happy to let them speak wholeheartedly at this place. About themselves and about us, because every project is teamwork!

Sophisticated, minimalist yet warm. What Studio Posen conjures out of the hat is a feast for the eyes every time. This creative studio is the brainchild of Kristel Posen, an architect by training but professionally grown into a graphic designer. Around her she gathers a multidisciplinary team of creatives and together they put brands on the map. From logo to corporate identity, social media to website and much more. Studio Posen develops everything needed to visualize your story or message and bring it to life.

How did you get in touch with Studio Posen with Buroform?

Studio Posen: “A long time back I had birth announcements printed with you for a client. I was suitably impressed by that. The quality of the printing and foil printing was impressive. When I needed some items for a recent project Labelchic, I didn’t hesitate. I contacted Valérie, who immediately invited me for an interview. “Then you get a much better idea of the possibilities,” it sounded. I found that quite disarming. At a lot of printing companies, orders soon run through mail. That works, too, but you never get as much information and inspiration as during a face-to-face meeting.”

What makes Buroform stand out for you?

Studio Posen: “The warm contact. Buroform really invests in its clients. That personal touch makes you much more likely to return. I now know that I get advice when I knock on your door, that every contact is a new discovery. There is so much knowledge, there are so many opportunities for advice, and everything with a smile. That’s a huge plus.”

What is the importance of good printing to you?

Studio Posen: “The first impression is everything. Print materials help determine the reputation of your brand. When a potential customer gets their hands on your magazine, its quality helps determine how that man or woman will feel about you. Well-crafted printing helps connect with your target audience. It helps to make your message tangible, to give it more power.”

How do you see the relationship between designer and printer?

Studio Posen: “Good printing is simply a necessity for the right perception of your designs. In addition, a good printer fills in the technical knowledge you lack yourself. After my first conversation with Valérie, she arranged for several paper representatives to visit our studio. That way your world expands, you discover new avenues, you learn. I found it fantastic that you took the time to bring those people to me. It’s also initiatives like that that make you stand out as a printing company.”

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