Update regarding coronavirus


Developments around the coronavirus are happening at breakneck speed, affecting everything and everyone. Therefore, also a note from Buroform. For here, too, all kinds of efforts are being made to stop the spread of the virus.

Nothing is obvious these days, everything is questioned. We too try to assess the situation and anticipate what is coming. One thing is indisputable: we must be there for each other, because solidarity is the only way to watch over everyone’s well-being.

Therefore, we too have taken a number of measures, in line with the opinions of the Flemish Government:

Unfortunately, we are forced to drastically reduce the team, 65% of our employees are home under economic unemployment due to force majeure. In order to ensure that the healthcare, food and necessary information carriers are supplied with the necessary printed materials, we continue to operate with a limited team.


– Our production is running at 30% of capacity.
– We make every effort to avoid any physical contact.
– Orders can be picked up by name in our patio. Signing off is not necessary.

At the office

– We can be reached by phone continuously between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., including during lunch breaks.
– Your contact in order support continues to follow up requests closely.
– Strict hygiene rules apply to all our employees: everyone must keep at least 1.5 m away and wash hands with disinfectant gels. Joint gatherings such as meetings, lunches and drinks we avoid at all times.

Delivery services

Our courier services work under a tightened protocol to avoid any contact. Each courier will ask you to sign for yourself so that you do not come into contact with him/her or his/her equipment.


The current situation raises many questions. Feel free to ask those! Every uncertainty is one too many. So be sure to let us know if we can help you. Kristel, Inge, myself and all other colleagues are available to you via their direct number or email.

– Inge Cools: +32 15 288 994
– Kristel Verhaegen: +32 15 288 999
– Jesse Marynen: +32 472 72 94 74

A heart to heart

Currently, much seems hopeless, but we must also remember that the measures are temporary. Try to remain calm, level-headed and positive. Together we can limit the damage as much as possible, and that’s a lot.

So let’s fight back hard and make the efforts needed. And yes, we’re going to get that right. From all of Buroform, we wish you all the courage to keep going for it!

Kind regards
Jesse Marynen


  1. Will Buroform remain accessible?
    Our offices are closed to visitors. We do remain available by phone.
    You can also email hello@buroform.be at any time . Mailboxes are monitored on an ongoing basis.
  2. Will my current order still be delivered?
    Buroform remains operational, albeit with a more compact team. Each order will be handled and delivered, possibly with some delay. We contact you in advance to coordinate your accessibility.
  3. Can I still place a new order?
    We provide limited permanence within our administration and production. That is, every application will be processed. You can always address your request to inge@buroform.be.
  4. Our people are present in the office, yet the driver does not ring the doorbell. How does this come about?
    While virtually everyone in our country is asked to stay indoors, our drivers are among the small group who must go outside to work. We cannot thank them enough for this. If it is not clear to the driver upon arrival whether a business is open, he may not ring the bell. Together, however, we can change this. Ask your professional clients to fill out this template and hang it up. Using a few simple instructions, you make it clear where the driver can go. This allows your packages to be delivered in complete safety.