Recap: this was Café Cliché ‘the book edition’

Oct. 6 was finally here: the third edition of Café Cliché. After successful events on the power of colors and craft printing techniques such as letterpress and foil printing, this time the focus was entirely on books. And whether it was a success. Attendance was five times higher than the previous two times. Who says we don’t read more? Let’s talk about books, baby!

The key question: do people still read books?

Were you there? Then you no doubt noticed for yourself how large the turnout was. As many as 248 marketers, graphic designers, photographers, publishers and artists wanted to know all about the latest trends and innovations surrounding book printing. A surprise? Maybe so, since it is generally believed that most people barely read anymore. So with that note we opened the evening and immediately relegated them to the trash.

Marketing strategist Koen Denolf on stage at Café Cliché.

Marketing strategist Koen Denolf opened the debates and delightfully conveyed his passion for print to the audience. A great lover of print media and self-proclaimed “content prophet,” he recently wrote a book on content marketing. What types of books exist? What trends are we seeing appear? What does the future of the book look like? Denolf left no question unanswered and provided the perfect introduction to the topic.

Outside opportunity for photographers

Café Cliché was not just about books. The event also provided an outside opportunity for 5 promising photographers. Supported by our printing company and some generous sponsors, they were able to have an art book produced, which we highlighted in detail during the evening. From more than 200 entries, a few months ago we selected five lucky winners with an original project: Timo Vergauwen, Carolle Servayge, Noortje Palmers, Jasper Declercq and Stijn Van der Linden.


On Oct. 6, they proudly presented their creation during a panel discussion at Café Cliché. Moderator Chloé Van Elsen of Aris&Totell engaged in dialogue with the photographers and with Tina De Souter, who designed the books. There was delightful verbal ping-ponging among the creatives, after which the story behind each book was laid open and bare on the table. The love for the book was rarely so palpable.

How do you make a book extra special?

Teamwork makes the dream work. Alone you stand nowhere. After Koen Denolf, paper manufacturer Fedrigoni and packaging specialist Moeskops Grafisch took the floor. Their angle: how to use special paper and original packaging to add extra perception to your book. As an example, they used a case of four art books, which we created in collaboration with them and book designer Tina De Souter. A wonderful realization that each Café Cliché attendee additionally took home at the end of the evening.

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