These books were launched during Café Cliché

Café Cliché is our way of giving you more insight into the endless possibilities of print. Each edition covers a different theme and is flavored by numerous experts over delicious finger foods and drinks. We’ll shower you with ideas and examples so you can discover what print can really do for you. In honor of Café Cliché, we created and launched 4 art books. Each book in itself is very different and in its way always links to a current topic. What makes the books so special? You’ll discover that here.

TABOOB by Noortje Palmers & Jasper Declercq

TABOOB is an idea of Noortje Palmers and Jasper Declercq. With the project, they wanted to test how far censorship of women’s breasts extends on Instagram. The project went viral on Instagram but was removed from the Internet in no time. Now the project was immortalized with a book.

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OUTSIDE by Carolle Servayge

Extraordinary is Carolle Servayge’s debut novel and a plea for self-acceptance and positivism. The book brings together photographs and personal stories of people with special external features, challenging today’s stereotypical ideals of beauty.

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DIESEL & VEGGIE OIL by Timo Vergauwen

While touring America, videographer Timo Vergauwen met the American folk band Handmade moments. He decided to follow them. Without realizing it, a breathtaking story was waiting for him. The group ended up in a head-on car crash – and as if that wasn’t bad enough….

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THEY LOOK FOR by Stijn Van der Linden

When he visited Corcovado and other national parks in Costa Rica years ago, he noticed how other visitors were mainly interested in spotting animals. They let the immense diversity of the plant kingdom pass them by, while just that blew Van der Linden away.

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These books are packed with print “candy. It’s up to you to discover them! Do you want them on your book shelf? Each book is available separately, or you can choose to order the full package.