Carolle Servayge

“Most limitations are between your two ears.”

Johan Gantois

Buitengewoon is Carolle Servayge’ s debut book and a plea for self-acceptance and positivism. The book brings pictures and stories of people with special external features, countering today’s stereotypical ideals of beauty.

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The project started with a call on social media, where Carolle gradually got in touch with more and more people. She then interviewed and portrayed them all. The result is pure photography, without photoshop, where people who remain unjustly invisible are finally given a face.

Papieren brochure MAGDANOG?!

Art Book

Printing technique
Cover: Hotfoil
silver & black
Inside: LE-UV offset


Cover: Natural Linen
Endpapers: Sirio Color Black
Inside: X-Per White

The design is a collaboration of book designer Tina De Souter and Fay Janssen. Natural linen was chosen for the cover. The unique speckles in the material are a link to the unique externals the concept is about.

Black-and-white photography is challenging on many papers because dark areas can easily clog up. As a result, the image then lacks depth. This is why X-Per paper from Fedrigoni was deliberately chosen . Thanks to a special treatment on both sides of the paper, this paper feels firm, resists creasing and ensures sharp and brilliant printing results.

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“Don’t we all want a little
be extraordinary?
Buitengewoon talented.
Buitengewoon intelligent
Buitengewoon handsome.”

“But what if it is now extraordinary
To be ordinary?
Just being able to be who you are.
Simple right?

Carolle Servayge

“Crooked trees can also flourish”

– Ine Van de Weghe

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