Noortje Palmers & Jasper Declercq

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TABOOB is an idea of photographer Noortje Palmers and graphic designer Jasper Declercq. With the project, they wanted to test how far censorship of women’s breasts extends on Instagram. What makes a breast a breast according to the algorithm? Should she be round and white? Could she be hairy? Could she have seven nipples, or even none?

Together with stylists Farah el Bastani and Harriet Wouters, Jasper and Noortje photographed 75 different breasts. They posted those on the Instagram page @taboobofficial. The concept proved to be a hot topic, as in a matter of days the number of followers grew to several tens of thousands. Eventually, Instagram blocked the page. Twice, in fact.

Jasper & Noortje do two things together: work and dance. They each do so from a different angle and at a different pace, but with a similar drive for entertainment. Their work is characterized by striking ideas with critical undertones that are stillistically detailed to perfection. Sometimes humorous, sometimes thought-provoking, sometimes kicking shins, but always beautiful.


Noortje Palmers & Jasper Declercq
Photographer & graphic designer


EditionFirst printing, September 2022
AuthorNoortje Palmers & Jasper Declerq
Published by Buroform
Graphic DesignerTina Desouter
Material coverWrap: Tintoretto Ceylon Cubeba 140 g/m2
Cover: Sirio Color Rough White 350 g/m2
Interior materialSymbol Tatami White 115 g/m2
Arena Smooth Extra White 120 g/m2
Chalk paper Golden Star K
Extra White 160 g/m2
Number of pages108
Number of copies750

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