Diesel & Veggie Oil

Timo Vergauwen

‘How did the bus make it through the yearly inspection?’ I ask Joel afterwards. “Yearly inspection?

Diesel & Veggie Oil portrays musicians Joel Ludford and Anna Horton on their tour of the United States. As a reader, you follow their story from the eye of photographer Timo Vergauwen until they end up in the hospital after a head-on car crash…..

Art Book

Printing technique
Cover: LE-UV offset + Hotfoil white 7001 and red 758
Inside: LE-UV offset
Endpapers: Hotfoil 758

Cover and endpapers: Materica Quarz
Inside: Section 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 & 8 – Materica Gesso
Section 4 & 5 – Materica Acqua

Hardcover with Swiss binding

Diesel & Veggie Oil

Timo gave up his job as a bookseller and headed to America for several weeks with a clear goal: to create images to then use in a film project of his own. His dream? Conquering film festivals with a beautifully flimsy story. After weeks of traveling around and filming some moving waters or sunsets each time, he unsuccessfully decided to return his rental car and return home.

… Or not.

Very by chance, musicians Joel Ludford and Anna Horton of the American folk band Handmade Moments came his way. After a pleasant introduction, they invited him to follow them on their tour of the US. Unbeknownst to him, a breathtaking story awaited him.

“Gary is the name of Joel and Anna’s second bus. Scary Gary they call him. The emergency brake is held together by a screwdriver and the driver seat is suspended on a toolbox.”

Timo Vergauwen

Book design

In honor of Café Cliché, the design was provided by book designer Tina De Souter. In terms of content, she chose to divide the book into 3 segments. The first segment contains photos from before the accident. The second segment contains the story Timo had already written out in short snippets during his trip. The short concoctions were translated into a nice full text and printed on blue paper.

Tina: “The text section on a colored paper makes it clear even when the book is closed that something is happening there,” Tina explained during the book launch. “In the last segment you will find photos taken after the crash. We deliberately didn’t let the story in the book stop at the crash.”

Timo: “Ending on a sad note with a photo of the accident would not have been a good decision because it does not capture the tone of our story. Now you can also see from the photos after the accident that a wonderful friendship was formed that continues to live on. So for that idea I am very grateful to Tina.”

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