So Far So Good

Art Book

Art book: ‘So Far So Good’

To add some extra power to his exhibition “So Far So Good,” renowned illustrator & artist Luc Morjaeu commissioned an art book. The design is one by Julie Leyers. She chose, in consultation with Luc, a cover in gray cardboard with blind embossing, finished with a linen spine. For collectors, deluxe editions are also available in a linen case with gold printing.

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The art book is a collection of Luc’s sketches made between 1987 and 2022. It includes designs, drawings and sketches of cartoon characters, as well as other “free” work. The works were created for a variety of purposes, such as preparing for an assignment, as practice or just for fun. Sketches easily disappear into drawing covers never to be revisited afterwards, but with this book Morjaeu allows readers a glimpse into his past.