BO magazine


BO magazine honors Patrick Nagel with 3 different covers

What too few people know: four times a year Buroform unpacks with its own exclusive magazine, BO magazine. A luxuriously designed publication that zooms in on the nicer and finer things in life. From gastronomy, beauty and travel to film, literature and music to architecture, design, fashion and art, the topics range across all lifestyle boundaries.

Sometimes BO is searingly topical, other times it moves far beyond the delusion of the day. For edition 102 – yes we have been around a while! – Among other things, we descended to the Samuel Vanhoegaerden Gallery in Knokke. A solo exhibition by Patrick Nagel ran there from early August to mid-September 2022. Inspired by the work of the now deceased artist and illustrator, our graphic designers and printing presses conjured a very special issue from the top hat.


Printing technique
LE-UV Offset, Quadri

Binding Method

Cover with flap: Offset white 250 gr.
Inside: Offset white 120 gr

About the printing technique

To best showcase Patrick Nagel’s art, we printed the cover in LE-UV offset. Why that choice? For the cover, we used a tactile, uncoated paper. With traditional offset, such material would absorb too much ink, resulting in loss of quality. LE-UV has a solution for that: the technology uses a special drying technique that cures the ink instantaneously. The result is high-quality printing with intense and powerful colors that bring out Patrick Nagel’s artistic expressions pixel-perfectly.

Three artistic covers

Patrick Nagel may be less well-known than contemporaries such as Keith Haring, Tom Wesselmann and Andy Warhol, but he remains one of the greatest artists of the 1980s. The American was not only the man behind the erotic illustrations in Playboy between 1976 and 1984, but also the cover designer of Duran Duran’s legendary 1982 album “Rio. That cover has since become one of the most influential in music history. Nick Rhodes, the band’s founder, even once called them “the Mona Lisa of the eighties.

Reincarnated Leonarde da Vinci or not, because of his unique body of work, Nagel is often labeled as one of the most pioneering artists of the 1970s and 1980s. And although the Duran Duran cover was not on display during the expo – it is still owned by the band itself – BO had no choice but to highlight it extensively. In addition to an interview with Samuel Vanhoegaerden himself, we launched three different covers, each featuring a different iconic work by Nagel. Consequently, at the distributors of our magazine, customers could choose which cover to take home. Choice stress? Absolutely not. Once in a while it’s just allowed to be a little extra!