Hulchi Belluni


‘For the new catalog, we wanted to break new ground. It could all be a little more daring and different’

“My inspiration comes from the moment. For example, the shape of a building or object can touch me. Or something I see at a restaurant, on a museum visit or while walking. A special shoe, a key on a door in an Italian alley…. Everything around me can be a trigger.”

Martine Hul


Printing technique
Cover: LE-UV offset (quadri) + Blind embossing
Inside: LE-UV offset (quadri)

Cover: Arctic Volume White 250 g/m2
Interior: Arctic Volume White 130 g/m2

OTAbind (cold glue) sewn bound

Design choices

Martine: “Until before this, we always had our lookbooks printed digitally. This time we chose offset, a special paper and some wonderful techniques that enhance the experience of the lookbook.”

“For example, because we work with a lot of spread photos, we chose OTAbind book binding. That way the book always falls open nicely. The cover incorporates the logo with blind embossing, which gives a very nice tactility. In addition, we opted for a special paper that brings out the jewelry in the best possible way. These days, matte papers with a grain are very in, but that doesn’t work if you want to highlight jewelry. It has been a quest to select the right paper, but you have assisted us very well with that. The end result is exactly what we envisioned. The catalog perfectly conveys what we do at Hulchi Belluni and who we are. It is the work of an entire team, both people within our own company and outside talent. That’s the beauty of this story.”