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Samuel Vanhoegaerden honors Alechinsky

Until this weekend, Samuel Vanhoegaerden is at the BRAFA Art Fair at Brussels Expo. Again he comes up with an artist from his top drawer. This time Samuel honors Pierre Alechinsky (95), the famous Belgian artist who managed to conquer the art world with his free way of working.

His works have contained a collaboration between abstraction and figuration for more than half a century. With a frisky color palette, he already managed to amaze and captivate several generations.

Art book Alechinsky

Cover: Recto Quadri LE-UV
Inside: LE-UV offset (Quadri)

Cover: Maco silk 130 g/m2
Interior: Arctic Volume White 170 g/m2

Binding Method
with red capital band and straight back

You can find his oeuvre in galleries all over the world. And his more recent work remains equally fresh and stunning. Alechinsky made the transition to the 21st century effortlessly, making him deserving of a place alongside other great Belgian artists such as James Ensor, Paul Delvaux and René Magritte.

Art book Alechinsky
Not an inch on his carrier is spared. Around the story he tells in his work, Alechinsky adds so-called “side notes. Samuel therefore thought print on cut was the technique of choice to incorporate into Alechinsky’s art book.

Pressure on cut

There is something fun to do with every side of a book, including the cut (the edges of the pages). You can color them gold or silver or you can print an image or text on them.

Gold on trim originated in the 19th century with several functions: to give the book a luxurious look, protection from light ánd insects that like to eat paper. The technique has evolved over the years into a creative application that now allows you to print images or text on the edges of your paper.