The Nekker

Picture Book

Picture Book The Nekker

In October, the picture book De Nekker went into print. The five friends who had also previously seen the picture book “The Maneblussers” go into print came knocking at our print shop for a second time.

The picture book The Nekker is about the old urban legend of “the water devil. This water devil appears in the marshy areas that surround Mechelen: Mechels broek, Nekkerspoel,… He tices the Malinois. The residents of Mechelen are not so sure what to do with the monster, until a true hero shows up who will (hopefully) bring the whole story to a happy ending.

Picture Book

Cover: 3mm gray cardboard backed with Maco silk 130g/m2
Endpapers: Sirio Color Gailloro 140 g/m2
Inside: Offset white 190 g/m2

Printing technique
Cover: LE-UV Offset, Quadri
Inside: LE-UV Offset, Quadri

Binding Method
Yarn-stitched hardcover book

As with the picture book The Maneblussers, the friends absolutely wanted the book to be printed regionally. From start to finish, they were involved in the production process. You can see that, for example, in the video RTV came to capture on the morning when the book first rolled off our printing presses.