Anniversary book

The ‘Inktvissers’ pull anniversary books from under the dust

The ‘Inktvissers’: Kristin Wuyts and Marie Verdurmen pull fun quotes and juicy anecdotes from the past from under the dust. The stories underlie and form the common thread in the creation of a new anniversary book. “We interviewed dozens of people. That’s how you find out things” Kristin says.

Kristin: “They are micro-stories: sometimes funny, sometimes endearing and moving. They give the reader a picture of the past and the culture, without necessarily giving everything away.”

de Inktvissers bekijken hun drukproef bij Buroform
jubileumboek ivens met witte foliedruk en blinddruk op een rode linnen cover

Binding method: Swiss binding

For this binding we started from a yarn-sewn book block. The cover was sheathed in red linen and then glued (only) to the third page of the cover. This ensures that when you open the book, you can see the sewn spine. The red thread used to sew the quires together also forms a graphic element in the interior. This creates a nice interaction between the design of the book itself and the design on the pages. Strong thinking from the Ink Fishermen!

foto uit het jubileumboek voor Ivens' 90 jarig bestaan
foto uit het jubileumboek voor Ivens' 90 jarig bestaan

Anniversary book

Printing technique
Cover: Hotfoil transparent + white glossy + gravure printing
Interior: Quadri LE-UV offset

Cover: Regent red (58009)
Interior: Arctic volume white 150 g/m2

Binding Method
Swiss binding

‘Jubilee books sometimes have a somewhat dull and dusty image. In addition, they are often loose assemblages of texts and photos from the archive. We want to do that differently.

– Marie Verdurmen, art director and illustrator – ‘Inktvissers’

jubileumboek met flappen in het binnenwerk
Marie en Kristin komen buiten