The Essential Love Affair

Art Book

Bart Kuykens forms a tribute to his great love, the Porsche

After the success of the seven-volume ‘A Flat 6 Love Affair,’ photographer Bart Kuykens is back with a new art book: ‘The Essential Love Affair’ compiles the best of the previous editions to form the ultimate tribute to his great love, the Porsche.

Kuykens’ images show the intimate relationship between the individual and the vehicle, between the man and the machine. It’s about the interplay of those two characters. To people telling their story through their Porsche.

Bart Kuykens:“The Essential Love Affair is a ‘best of’ book. The ultimate paean to a subject that has stirred me for seven years. For that reason, it was also allowed to be a little different in terms of printing. I chose Buroform because I wanted something totally different from the previous books, in terms of paper, in terms of feel, you name it,” explains Bart Kuykens.

“I have to admit that I am certainly not the easiest person during such a process, but that interaction did lead to a result I am proud of. Creating a book with a team is a process of sensing and trusting each other. Of discussing, pushing through, buckling down and coming to a consensus, with the sole goal of delivering a top-notch product. Surely we succeeded in that in my opinion”.

Art Book

Cover: Maco silk 130
Endpapers: Magno Volume White 170 g
Inside: Maco silk 150 g
Interior: Sirio Ultra Black 115 g

Cover: Recto 1 color Black + Hotfoil 23BR + Debossing
Interior: Recto/Verso 1 color black
Interior: Recto/Verso 1 color PMS 871 (gold)

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