Around the world in 2023

Direct mailing

Around the world in 2023 and in 24 postcards

Not surprisingly, we love getting mail. Now admit it, what could be more fun than getting one of those enticingly scented postcards out of your mailbox? The nostalgic perfume of fresh ink and tactile paper, we love it! So to bring card writing back into the spotlight, but also to highlight the – literally – limitless power of paper, we devised this campaign.

Early this year, a (random) portion of our customers received a mystery package. A finely cut box with 24 postcards and 24 destinations, digitally printed on 7 different paper qualities. The idea: you choose your favorite destination and send it back to Buroform, accompanied by a funny or inspiring word of explanation.

For each entry, we have an appropriate and practical surprise ready. An ideal travel companion, useful both in preparation and during your trip. What exactly? We’re not giving that away yet!

Currently, our mailbox is working overtime, but there is always room for improvement. Duuuus, what are you waiting for? Write us a ticket and let us know what your favorite travel country is. Once your card lands in our mailbox, we will guide one of our gifts toward your home!