The key to success in 2023: this is how to devise a rock-solid print campaign

The start of a new year also means interpreting numbers about the past year, setting new opportunities and goals, and making good resolutions. If you just recognized yourself in this, don’t leave. Below we list all our tips for setting up a rock-solid print campaign and back them up with examples from our own portfolio. Let’s go!

Imagine going out to a restaurant and having to scan the menu with a cell phone that is slow and worn out? Or that you go to a trade show with digital business cards but the person you want to network with hands you a physical business card.… 1-0 to your opponent! This is living proof that a print campaign can help you get a better “grip” on your target audience.

What is the goal of your campaign?

Before you begin setting up a campaign, it is important to have a clear goal. What do you want to achieve with your campaign? More leads to your website? More visits to your store? More awareness or more sales of a particular product? By clearly articulating your goals, you (and your team) can come up with the appropriate solution in a more focused way.

Inspiration: Hino Motors
The goal of Hino motors is to generate more awareness for their newest Ecosafe Certified label. To do so, they shower their target audience with various useful print gadgets in their corporate style, including: mugs, key chains, a water bottle, ballpoint pens, folders, caps, backpacks, t-shirts and jackets.

Who is your target audience?

It’s important to know who your target audience is so you can communicate the right message and use the right medium to convey that message. Use market research to understand the needs and interests of your target audience.

Choose the right medium

Various print media are available, such as brochures, leaflets, posters, and so on. It is important to choose the right medium that suits your goals and target audience.

Inspiration: Whimzees (Wellpet)
Whimzees targets dog owners. Images of dogs naturally create recognition among their target audience. To literally stand out among the other products on store shelves, wobblers are a great medium. Check out the full case of Whimzees here.

Define the value proposition

Modern marketing is all about valuable and relevant content. For that, you need an understanding of your target audience’s lifestyles and challenges. With rock-solid content, you offer your customer a solution to their problem or contribute new ideas they can benefit from. The value proposition canvas can be a useful tool for determining what pain points you want to address in your campaign and how you can surprise your ideal client with new solutions and ideas. This is how you turn your print campaign into something valuable and relevant to your target audience. The value proposition canvas consists of two parts: the customer and the offer. It comes down to asking the right questions from the customer’s point of view as well as your offer.

WeWantMore – Manhattn’s burgers

Make the design stand out

Create an attractive and professional design: The design of your print materials is important because it grabs the reader’s attention and conveys the message. Make sure your design is attractive and professional looking, and that it is clear and easy to read. Use consistent colors and styles to maintain a professional and recognizable look.

Make sure your message is clear and easy for your target audience to understand. Also try to match the message to the needs and interests of your target audience.

Inspiration: Manhattn’s burgers
In addition to a banging design, the medium is also sharply tailored to Manhattn’s target audience: sulfate paperboard is a tough and tear-resistant paperboard with the highest whiteness among paperboards. An ideal paper for a finished product (menu card) that can be used frequently without wear and tear. View Manhattn’s full case study here.

Inspiration: HNST

Create interaction

The best-known and easiest way to create interaction with your target audience is a QR code. And the great thing about this is that the statistics of your print campaign become measurable. You immediately know how many times a QR code was scanned and from what location.

By asking questions in your print campaign or inviting people to comment, you can create interaction and encourage readers to engage with you.

With these tips in your pocket, you’ll provide an ironclad weapon to achieve your goals in 2023. Also, remember to keep trying and adapting so you can keep innovating and make sure your print campaign continues to appeal. Do you have a great idea? Then Kelly and Sarah go to work for you to get your campaign down to the last detail.