Ecologically animal-friendly printing

Man’s best friend deserves only the very best

Whimzees carries people, animals and the environment at heart. The brand produces a variety of dog products, from healthy snacks to fun toys, and does so in a sustainable, socially responsible way. So a great story, which becomes even better when combined with personalized printing. After all, how do you best present these products in the store? We take that worry completely out of Whimzees’ hands.

From displays to digital presentations

You can find Whimzees in pet stores all over Belgium. That means you’ll also find Buroform there. Since the first collaboration, Whimzees has entrusted us with the realization of all promo materials. Think displays with swatches, trade show booths or digital presentations. If a campaign is needed to highlight a particular product, we get to work.

Which paper choice maximizes the effect of the message? Which printing technique adds something extra to the experience of the product? How do you respond creatively to seasons, themes and other events? We help Whimzees with an integrated solution, from consulting to creative concept and elaboration.

The packaging and displays consist largely of recycled materials.

Ecological printing

It is essential that each promo campaign perfectly reflects Whimzees’ corporate identity and style. The company places enormous importance on the environment. Green energy, smart waste management, recycling: sustainability thinking plays a crucial role in Whimzees’ doings. We extend that philosophy completely into ecological printing. We make packaging and displays out of environmentally friendly cardboard, most of which consists of recycled materials. A choice that not only adds credibility to the brand, but also enhances the whole experience around it.

We are currently in full swing with the year-end campaign. What it looks like? That’s an exciting wait and see. As soon as she is here, we will be very happy to share them with you!

We take the worry of optimally presenting the product range in stores completely out of Whimzees’ hands.