Hino Motors

A growing partnership

A growing partnership

For some time now, Buroform has been shifting up a creative gear for Hino Motors, a Japanese manufacturer of trucks, buses, diesel trucks and parts. The company is part of the Toyota Group and sells hundreds of thousands of vehicles annually. To successfully raise awareness of these, Hino finds his way to Mechelen. Every week we crank the engine for a variety of assignments ranging from simple printing to large-scale merchandising.

Hino Motors’ wagon lineup is a worldwide success. Only the branding of the brand itself, they felt, could be younger and fresher. So Hino’s first request to Buroform was for a more airy and vibrant look. As a first step, we tackled the name tags. From that makeover, Hino was so blown away that we got to lay out and print the new brochures in the same breath. Afterwards, the collaboration only grew more extensive and intense. All kinds of POS material such as for example: banners, batches, kiosks for fairs, pens, flags, powerpoint presentations, you name it… Every week we receive new orders for the African, Japanese and Russian markets.

Whether Buroform is quietly going global? At least the gas pedal is depressed!

Hino was so blown away by the quality of the name tags that the collaboration only became more extensive and intense.