Getting personalized name tags to you efficiently and quickly


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FACQ is a Belgian family business.

Since 1880, five generations followed one another that made FACQ the bathroom, shower, plumbing and heating specialist as we know it today. Whatever your style, you are sure to find the bathroom of your dreams, decorative radiators, everything for environmentally friendly heating as well as the best way to protect your installation from limescale.

In no time at all, Facq NV spread throughout Belgium. With more than 700 staff members and 39 outlets, it became increasingly difficult to provide personalized printing for each of their 700 staff members. It wasn’t long before they came across BAAS (Buroform As A Service).
Thanks to our service, each individual receives a customized name tag, taking into account the corporate identity. Our web2print portal BAAS makes it easy and efficient to add your name on the card. One click and a few business days later you will have your personalized card in the mail. It couldn’t be easier, could it?