Café Cliché x Color Class(h)

In September, Buroform treated to the first edition of Café Cliché. Under the title Color Class(h), we immersed 50 creative people in the wonderful world of “color” for an evening. And whether that was a success!

Café Cliché is a night out for all those who enjoy a firm dose of creativity. We regularly organize inspiration moments where we dwell on printing techniques, paper types and other graphic goodies. On September 12, 2019, we threw open the doors of this ambitious new initiative for the first time. On the menu was the theme of “color. What do colors do to people? How do they influence our thoughts and emotions? And as a designer, how do you use them optimally in your own projects? Those questions flowed profusely and were provided with bite-sized answers.

Inspiring setting

Scene of the event was the hall of our print shop, which had been transformed into an intimate event space for the occasion. We had built a stage there, with several bar tables and stools in front of it. At the center was a table full of print inspiration from Buroform, Wibni and Colorplan, the holy trinity around which the evening would revolve. In addition, to push the sociability factor up a notch, we provided the necessary food and drink options. A food truck from Le Pain Quotidien brought in various healthy snacks, while Mi vino Su vino, a tasteful side project by our colleague Reshum Van Till, was thirst quencher on duty.

Café Cliché is a night out for all those who enjoy a firm dose of creativity.

G.F. Smith and Colorplan color evening

After our manager Jesse Marynen put the necessary flair into the welcome address, Lubos Bisto, International Paper Consultant of paper giant G.F. Smith, mounted the podium. He talked about “The World’s Favourite Colour Project,” the largest color study ever. Following this, our printing experts will highlight Colorplan’s endlessly varied paper range through case studies, sample designs and more. Name cards, notebooks, presentation folders, covers, labels, our colleagues flawlessly demonstrated the added value of the right choice of paper and printing technology in modern communications.

Edition one successful, that much is certain. It was a top night in atmosphere, taste, experience and… color. We look back on it with pride and satisfaction. Here’s to a second successful evening and hopefully you too will be there!