How do you bring in leads in spring, summer, fall and winter?

We all live to the rhythm of the seasons. As a company, you also have to respond to this. As a company, how do you stay top of mind throughout the year? How do you keep triggering and consequently generate leads? Personalized printing allows you to tell your story in very diverse and surprising ways, in accordance with the time of year.

Grab the attention of customers and prospects, and then hold that attention for the long term. It takes time and effort. If you want to establish yourself as a company in minds and hearts, you have to keep feeding interested parties with information. Success comes with consistency and repetition. Staying in touch with customers helps maintain and deepen important relationships. More to the point: each season you need to adjust your communications to perpetuate contacts. We explain how to do that successfully using quality printing. Because, of course, every season calls for different concepts and designs.


Spring is a wonderful season. Day after day the light stays longer, flowers bloom open, trees shroud themselves in green, the smell of freshly cut grass rises back up for the first time. Darkness gives way to light, and you can use that atmosphere as a business. For example, why not hold your own spring festival? With an original invitation that convinces your clients of your creativity, candor and open-mindedness.

Or would you rather stay top of mind by promoting your product range in a seasonal brochure? The promo material for D&M Depot’ s new spring collection is a very good example of this: the style is understated, the tone cheerful, and that cheers a person up.


During summer, we live life to the fullest. That rising energy level invites more frivolity in your communication. People come out together, they take care of each other. They want to get that feeling from you, too. Fresh ideas and cheerful concepts demonstrate openness and generosity. A nice example is the campaign of Whimzees, which handed out free samples last summer: not only owners should be able to enjoy a tasty snack, but their four-legged friend deserves something extra under the sun as well. The message can be that simple, but it shows the company’s generosity.

This campaign was conceived and developed by us on behalf of Wellpett for Whimzees. For the displays, we worked with ecological materials. We can even say that 50-70% is made up of recycled materials. In this way, the company’s environmentally conscious thinking is carried through to the printed matter to the maximum extent possible.


Autumn: the temperature gently begins to drop, the pumpkins come out, the landscape turns into a soothing palette of earthy colors. So time to put on your wool socks, settle into the couch and put a nice bowl of soup to your lips. Not to mention it’s also Halloween. How can you harness such an eerie atmosphere and generate leads with it?

A great example we worked out together with Keep it Quiet. It shows well how a creative idea with quality printing creates even more of an experience. For the promo event of the new recipe of The Kraken Rum, we developed this box as an invitation, completely in the theme of the brand. Inside is a small bottle of rum as a taster. Next to it, the invitee finds a dark envelope containing the invitation, beautifully finished with the distinctive tentacles of a kraken, which was lasered from black paper. Everything about the invitation exudes quality, taste and atmosphere, completely in line with the brand’s identity and values.


During winter, we seek warmth and affection. It is the time when the holidays bring us together cozily, a time of gratitude, looking back and looking forward. All those emotions can be captured in very different attentions for customers. A simple Christmas card always works, but why not gift a personalized wine box? Or a gift box with your own logo engraved on it and a notebook with a pencil as a handy accessory? When it comes to end-of-year printing, anything is possible. Moreover, personalized printed materials have been proven to increase awareness and response rates by nearly half.

These teaser cards were all about the season last winter. Using a special foil, we created snowflakes both on the printed matter and on the envelopes.

Giving the right gift at the right time. Buroform is happy to help you make that happen. Let’s get our heads together about it and create something that will permanently draw attention to your story. There are so many great ideas for staying in touch with your customers. Get inspired in advance by our print materials.