Meet the Buroform crew: Jade Ooms

Variety abounds within the Buroform crew. Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Then take a look behind the scenes.

Jade Ooms

I’m Jade Ooms, passionate about letterpress and foil printing, and the only woman standing my ground within our type printing company.

Jade in typo printing. Her “valhalla” within Buroform.

At Buroform, I am responsible for…

Letterpress, foil printing and everything that comes with it such as die-cutting, creasing and perforating. I work as a type printer and operate the Heidelberg Degel, an artisan machine some sixty years old that is back burning hot today.

I got my job at Buroform through…

About a year and a half ago, I applied for a job here. I was then working at another printing company, doing exactly the same thing. But I was curious to see more. My eye fell on a job opening at Buroform, which even then was known as a growing and ambitious company within the industry. After a good conversation with Karel Marynen, it didn’t take long for me to start at Buroform.

Extra control is very important within this craft.

My morning ritual is…

I get up, prepare my granola and leave for Mechelen at leisure. I usually eat my breakfast in the car, oops. 😊

What people don’t know about my position is….

The machine I am working on dates from the 1960s. Letterpress printing is still a truly artisanal technique. Although today, of course, it is combined with digital capabilities. But nothing is automatic. Everything has to be set up manually, which can sometimes take a long time. Mounting the printing plate accurately on the press, stirring ink, placing film: these are jobs that require a lot of dexterity. The fact that I am one of the few women doing this makes the job extra special. Type printing is primarily a man’s craft anyway. Those at the controls today often have decades of experience. With me, it’s different. I am the new guard. The future. And a woman!

My proudest moment at Buroform is….

A while ago, we had a booth with Buroform at a wedding fair. There we presented the old Heidelberg degel that you still have to keep going with a pedal pedal. It is a unique machine, and apparently many visitors agreed. A lot of people were raving about our printing press. That I get to serve those does make me proud. When people look up to what you do day in and day out, you shine for a moment.

As a woman, I am proud to stand behind such an iconic aircraft.

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

The printing press itself. As a woman, I am proud to stand behind such an iconic aircraft. In addition, I particularly like the atmosphere in the group. Everyone goes for it, but that seriousness and commitment is also coupled with laughter and swag.

Jade behind the old degel during “Loving Marriage,” For Lovers’ wedding fair.

On weekends you’ll find me…

Not uncommon at a flea market! Not that I’m so into old stuff, but I do love the atmosphere at those markets immensely. Furthermore, the weekend is the time for me to be free: go out on a terrace, have a drink with friends… Just clear my head and enjoy.

If I wasn’t a “typewriter,” I’d be…

Teacher typo! A while ago I had to train someone as a type printer and that experience has stayed with me. Transferring your own skills to another person: I loved that. So look, who knows, maybe there is a teacher lurking in me somewhere 😉.

The best career advice I have ever received….

Career advice is not really it, but people have often pointed out to me how handy I am. I have always had technical understanding, the feeling to put things together. Ét voilà, I made that dexterity my job!