Meet the Buroform crew: Lisa De Kegel

Meet Lisa, brand manager of Buroform’s subsidiary: She is a woman of many talents: she contains tons of good humor, she can put her leg on her neck AND you probably won’t believe it but it’s real: she can get to the bottom of Pringles! And speaking of multi-talented, Lisa has several special diplomas under her belt!

Nice to meet you, Lisa, who are you?

“Hi, I’m Lisa. I’m a lot of things, yet at work mostly the result of my ‘bumpy’ school path. For example, I have a bachelor’s degree in Eastern European languages & cultures that I’m currently not doing anything with. I also graduated with a master’s degree in communication sciences (marketing management) as well as an additional course in graphic design.”

What are you responsible for within Buroform?

I am responsible for the brand Designcards, with which we specialized in occasional printing. During the corona crisis, its normal operation fell completely silent. People were telecommuting and personal appointments could no longer take place. In order to keep things running, I got the chance to create a whole new web shop. I am still working on it. We will continue to develop and optimize with new tools and products. So keep an eye on it!

My morning ritual is…

I’m not really a morning person, so I don’t have an active morning ritual. I just sleepily waddle around the house, get ready and eat some oatmeal or granola at my leisure with a series on in the background. Then it’s continued waking up in the car along with MNM and Peter Van De Veire. For me, still the best radio voice to start the day!

What people don’t know about my position is….

What my job entails in general, I think. I don’t think everyone is as well informed about the evolution of the webshop. Behind the scenes a lot has to happen to get all the products online. In addition, ‘marketing’ remains a vague concept. Especially when I start throwing around terms like ROI, SEA and SEO, I notice that my colleagues soon no longer know exactly what it is about. Logical, of course. 😊

My proudest moment at Buroform is….

When I was allowed to submit my first marketing plan. I had put a lot of time and effort into it. It was the first time I could really put my school knowledge into practice. Then when you hear that a lot of colleagues are pleasantly surprised at how well it was put together, it’s really satisfying.

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

The variety of each new day and, of course, the colleagues! It may sound a little cliché, but I really consider those people a piece of family. At Buroform, everyone hangs together very well. We are committed to each other, which makes me feel that I can always count on my colleagues, even if I am a bit withdrawn on my “Designcards island. Upstairs in the studio, by the way, there is a lot of laughter. From Pete’s dad jokes to Lode’s naughty jokes: blissful humor that brightens even the bleakest of days!

If I had not become a “Brand Manager” I would have…

Self-employed graphic designer. In graphics, I can really indulge myself. I love making beautiful things, like the cards on Developing beautiful concepts from A to Z is totally my thing. The whole look-and-feel just has to be right, from the paper to the printing technique and finishing.

On weekends you’ll find me…

Cozy up to visit family or friends. Or together with my friend in nature for a brisk walk. In the evening, then, you’ll find me mostly around good food!

The best career advice I have ever received….

“Dare to jump! Standing still is going backwards. I have received a lot of advice about work and career, but I still find this the most accurate. I am naturally afraid of change and the unknown, but sometimes you just have to dare to go for it. Jump and see where you land. You always end up with both feet on the ground in the end.

Lisa’s guilty pleasure :-)

Stay tuned! We continue to share stories about each member of our team. So you get to know what it’s really like to work at Buroform. Would you like to be part of the #buroformcrew? Then take a quick look at our job openings and there might be something for you.

See you soon!