iEcho cutter: new acquisition, new opportunities

We have a new toy: the iEcho cutter, a digital tool for cutting, creasing and perforating printed matter. This allows us to create special shapes even faster, more efficiently and in greater detail, such as the cupid boxes we recently developed for Valentine’s Day.

No shortage of creativity

One of the best things about printmaking is its enormous versatility. The possibilities for turning creative ideas into unique realizations are actually endless. Especially if you work with hood shapes, you can come out particularly inventive. Remember the boxes in the shape of a hare we created last year around Easter?

First test

Recently, we developed our own “cupid boxes” in celebration of Valentine’s Day. A special project of which we are secretly quite proud. Not only because the creation was hugely popular with our clients. Also because it was the first time we worked with the iEcho cutting plotter. With this handy tool, we can process paper and cardboard even faster and finer into all kinds of shapes. Think labels, stickers, presentation folders, tabs, hangers and boxes that are thus given an extra dimension.

Speed, efficiency and accuracy

The iEcho cutting plotter offers an awful lot of advantages. Not only for us, but also for you as a graphic designer or end client. One of its main strengths is the automatic insertion system. Our printers no longer have to constantly stand at the machine feeding paper in and out. As a result, the entire production process is accelerated and optimized.

In addition, the iEcho cutting plotter works with special cutting programs and cutting heads that allow us to process a wide variety of materials. In addition, a CCD camera also provides automatic tool positioning for even more precise cutting. In short: technology allows us to work much more efficiently, which is also a lot more advantageous for you. A win-win!