Just love: why our ‘Cupid boxes’ were a hit

What you give attention to grows. This applies to a lot of things, and certainly to the relationship between people. Who is not sensitive to a compliment or attention? By being there for each other, you achieve more together. Clients and partners also deserve a kind word or supportive pat on the back from time to time. Dare to be surprising, so that your message really arrives. The success of our “Cupid Box” is the ultimate proof of this: with this special Valentine’s Day box packed with chocolate, we stole the hearts and smiles of many customers.

Gift from the heart

No one can do without love. Neither do your customers and partners. Once in a while they deserve a little extra attention, showing that you are there for them. In that view, special occasions are the ideal time to show your appreciation. Consider a year-end calendar or Christmas card in December. Or a gift box of chocolate on the occasion of Easter. There are an awful lot of ways to surprise people and make them happy. Our recent Valentine’s campaign is the best example of this. On Feb. 14, our 100 most returning customers received a Cupid Box. A playfully folded box featuring a loving slogan and filled with delicious chocolate.

We could also have sent an e-mail with a nice text, possibly even with a nice video message. That would have worked, but such attentiveness exudes little effort. With our Cupid Boxes, we took a much more creative and playful approach. By developing a special box with a fun quote and tasteful content, we created something tangible that people remember. It is a gift that responds to the senses in several ways. You can see, hear, feel, smell and taste it. In short: a very different experience than a well-intentioned email that is only to be read.

I received the most adorable gift at the office. How beautiful!!! Thank you very much, that will be tasty.” – Jilka Binnemans – Standard Bookstore

Always overdeliver

The response to our Valentine’s Day campaign was overwhelming. On top of one hundred gifts for our customers, we also gave away fourteen boxes through our newsletter. In no time, we were overwhelmed with responses. Therefore, to still give all those people something, we provided an extra gift. Those who did not receive a Cupid box still received a small gift as a thank you for their enthusiasm. The idea behind that: always overdeliver. Always do just that little bit more than what people expect. Not only will you make a good impression this way, they will remember your attention much longer. Do you remember the last time you received something totally unexpected? Perhaps so, because moments like that stay with you.

Cupid is welcome to point his arrows at me. ;-) Curious to see what he has in store!” – Jolijn Vannuffelen – LACO

Stand out and stand out

Moral of the story: dare to stand out, stand out and surprise. Drop in on your customers when they are not expecting it. Invest in a corporate gift on the occasion of April 1 or Easter. Pour a special package of chocolate. That way, not only will you arrive in style, your gift will stay on your client’s desk much longer.

A box full of love for the craft. Very handsome.” – Wim – Image Box