Getting your own book printed? Here’s how it works

Thinking about getting your own book printed? Or would you like to present your entire collection in an original way in a catalog or brochure? Then a lot comes with that. Taking care of texts is one thing, but what about the choice of paper? What printing techniques do you prefer? Or how do you have the book bound? All things we guide you through from the first contact. A review.


Everything starts with a good explanation. What is your book about? What do you want it to look like? Does the text take precedence or is it mostly about lots of visuals? What paper do you prefer for the cover and interior? These are just a few elements to consider during the initial briefing. The more information you give us, the better the picture we get. So throw all your wants and desires on the table!

TIP: Bring physical examples or create a page on Pinterest with examples. This will give us a clear understanding of exactly what you have in mind.

Ready for takeoff?

Based on your briefing, our experts suggest a number of paper types and finishing options. Do you have some budget left over? Then we like to experiment with special effects and glue work. Feel free to stop by our print shop to see all the possibilities live. Or we can come to your place ourselves and bring a few samples with us, of course!

The creators of
The creators of “The Maneblussers” visited Buroform to see their creation go into print.


In several steps, we create a trial version of your book. You get to see every intermediate step, so you can always make adjustments. You come along for print startup. If you want, you can even trigger the machine yourself. Still thinking about a last-minute change? No problem, we will try to adjust where possible.

Once everything is printed, the pages are bound. Depending on the binding method you chose, the book will go through a different machine.

Getting a book printed takes time and energy. Don’t go overnight and give yourself space to think carefully about each step of the process. When in doubt, let us hear from you. That’s what we’re here for. Any question, reflection or suggestion can only benefit the end result.

Would you like to come by to discuss your project? Make an appointment with We’d love to sit down with you!