Ink black times: war in Ukraine also affects paper market

These are not pleasant times, even for the paper industry. After first the corona pandemic caused shortages and delays, the industry is now also groaning under the war in Ukraine. Inventories are dwindling, delivery times are running out and prices are swinging. One thing is for sure: as a printing company, we do everything we can to make sure that this inconveniences you as little as possible.

Our hearts are bleeding. What is currently taking place in Ukraine is cruel, disgusting and inhumane. It puts everything in perspective. Unfortunately, the impact on the economy is also incalculable. The war situation affects everyone, including our printing company and consequently your printing. For more than a year, the paper industry has been in crisis. First because of the corona pandemic, now also because of what is happening in Eastern Europe. Over the past six months, paper prices have risen an average of 45 percent.

As you might guess, that price surge is largely due to the rise in energy costs. The war in Ukraine has seriously disrupted international trade. Across Europe, there is a shortage of paper and cardboard, causing serious disruption in the supply chain. Available volumes are decreasing, delivery times are running out, and costs for all products and services have increased significantly.

What do we put in return?

Above all, we can give good advice. The tricky part is that paper manufacturers currently do not give firm delivery dates. For certain paper grades, waiting times run as long as several months. So try to submit orders as soon as possible. That way we can order your paper in a timely manner so your project doesn’t have to wait too long. In the meantime, it’s fingers crossed. Fortunately, there are also positive prospects. Paper availability, pricing and delivery times will soon return to normal. In the meantime, we make every effort to ensure that your project is as unaffected as possible. Crisis or no crisis, we continue to guarantee the continuity of printing!