Meet the Buroform crew: Kristel Verhaegen

Buroform is a diverse team brimming with talent. Wondering what it’s like to work with us? Then take a look behind the scenes. Meet Kristel Verhaegen, HR & finance manager.

Kristel Verhaegen

“Hey hey, I’m Kristel, HR & finance manager at Buroform. Introduce myself in 5 words? Then I’m pretty versatile, definitely positive, always up for a good time, a bon vivant of the highest order and above all a family man. Add to that a solid dose of passion for the job and you get a very happy person!”

At Buroform, I am responsible for…

“…Everything to do with employees, accounting, managers, parties, training, events and fine chats. As far as I’m concerned, the most fun job there is!”

I got my job at Buroform through…

“…coming straight from the airport for a job interview. I was on vacation when a recruitment agency called me for ‘a fine opportunity in Mechelen-North’. At that time, I still had a job close to home, but I didn’t feel so good about it. So I immediately took the bull by the horns: with a car full of suitcases I went from the airport straight to Karel Marynen for an interview. Two weeks later we came to an agreement and on September 1, 2009 I started at Buroform.”

My morning ritual is…

“The first thing I do in the morning is put on music. Spotify is my favorite app. Every morning it makes sure my day starts in the right mood. I then enjoy my playlist until I turn into the Buroform parking lot. And for a good song, I’m not afraid to make an extra detour.”

A typical workday is…

“…always well-stocked and never predictable. Because I have a wide range of responsibilities, being able to respond quickly is very important. Dealing with problems is daily business. Although I prefer to call it challenges rather than problems.”

“A typical workday is always well-filled and never predictable.”

What people don’t know about my position? is…

“…That there is quite a lot of stress involved. I often run from deadline to deadline. And very sometimes my job can also be lonely. Although fortunately those moments are rather rare.”

The moment I am most proud of at Buroform is….

“…There are a lot of those. But what makes me most proud is being able to represent the voice of colleagues to management. Even though there is a culture at Buroform where management and employees are very close and work closely together, many appointments go through me first. If both parties are satisfied, then my mission is accomplished.”

What I like most about working at Buroform is….

“…The growth I have experienced over the past 10 years. Both for the company, the employees and myself. No two years have been the same. Buroform has grown from a team of 13 to 45 colleagues. That’s a lot of new faces to get to know. And in my job as HR, a lot of personal stories are told. Providing a listening ear, helping where possible or ensuring improvement, it all gives me great satisfaction.”

On weekends you’ll find me…

“…with my family and friends, at the bar with a fresh pint, on the dance floor or in nature for a brisk walk with the kids and my dog.”

If I wasn’t an “HR & Finance Manager,” I’d be…

“…event manager. I love to organize things. Collaborating on Café Cliché , for example, I really enjoyed that. Committing myself to such events does not feel like an assignment. That just smoothly, without too many problems. The healthy dose of stress involved actually gives me the adrenaline I need. After such a day of planning and organizing, I return home each time tired but satisfied.”

The best career advice I have ever received….

“Open yourself to personal growth and learn from others. Something I strongly believe in. If your mindset is right, you can handle quite a lot and learn a lot. It’s that mindset that also made me grow in my job and in life!”

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