Buroform and Print & Bottle join hands

Buroform has an established partner: Print & Bottle, a small-scale artisan printing company with a major focus on type printing. “Like Buroform, I strongly believe in the power of high-quality printing,” said Managing Director Jan Nagels, who will be stepping down soon, but will still cross over to our buildings.

Jan Nagels is about to quit. The printer may soon retire. A drain on our industry, that much is certain. The good news: his printing business will continue, in a slightly modified form admittedly, as Print & Bottle comes under the wings of Buroform.

Love for the stile

“I am relieved and happy,” he says. “When you decide to quit, you have a certain responsibility to your staff and customers. I searched for a long time for someone who could continue my work. A nice company with the same values, that, like me, believes in the power of high-quality printing. In Buroform, I discovered an organization with a remarkable love for the stile.”

Artisan printing

Ten years ago, Belgium had roughly 1,500 printing companies. 500 today. “To still be there after 40 years is incredible,” Nagels said. He started Print & Bottle in 1980. “Although it wasn’t under that name then. That one came later. In the early days, I printed mostly high-end printing for cosmetics manufacturers, partly because my family worked in that industry. Afterwards, I started diversifying: stationery, envelopes, boxes, and so on.

A lot has happened in those forty years, of course. We have evolved with the printing industry, but have always kept our individuality. Print & Bottle has become a specialist in refinements such as foil printing, letterpress and embossing. Even when offset made its appearance in the printing world, we stuck with type printing. That pure and artisanal has always remained our strength.”

High-quality printing is Jan's passion

High quality printing

Jan sees Buroform as the right partner because it is a young and fast-growing company with a healthy vision of the future that is very much in line with his own: “I think Buroform is a wonderful company with a lot of possibilities. During our conversations, it quickly became clear that we have similar tastes when it comes to printing. We share the same interests and believe in the same values. For both of us, quality, service and customer friendliness are paramount. If you invest in that permanently, high-quality printing will always last.”

Jan Nagels and two colleagues make the crossing to Mechelen. “Even though I’m retiring soon, I’m not leaving right away,” Nagels laughs. “But I am confident that together with Buroform we will offer more service than ever and become even stronger in the field of high-quality printing.”

Jan: “Buroform stands for first-class printing. It is a well-known name in the field of high-quality printing. A fast-growing company with quality and service as its greatest assets.”

The buroform crew full of enthusiasm
On behalf of the entire Buroform team, “Welcome to Buroform Jan, Jan and Rit!”