Customer in the spotlight: UNIKAVI

Who gets to say it better than our customers themselves? Therefore, we are happy to let them speak wholeheartedly at this place. About themselves and about our printing, because every project is teamwork! Meet Philip Hendrickx of UNIKAVI – Brand Builders, specializing in marketing for the hospitality, hospitality and event sector.

From the birth of the Internet, Philip Hendrickx has been active in the marketing industry. With years of experience, he invariably ensures a creative upgrade of your brand or organization. For star restaurant Zilte by Viki Geunes, located on the top floor of the Antwerp MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom), UNIKAVI provided a total picture: a completely new visual identity both online and offline. After all, the style of communication helps determine the perception of a brand or business. Buroform took care of the printing under the professional supervision of our creative paper & print expert Valérie Maes.

Philip from Unikavi

What makes Buroform stand out for you?

“The personal contact, the great choice of materials and the expertise. We were advised throughout the entire process. Buroform is not afraid of custom printing. It creatively shapes our wishes. Challenges are never shunned. Your creative expert Valérie Maes was a rock. Thus, our collaboration ran partly in corona time and as soon as it could, she came right up to our office to explain new modified versions in real life.”

What is the importance of good printing to you?

“Print offers great value in terms of the feel and experience of a business or company. Much is being digitized, but that does not guarantee the same experience. The tangibility of print remains of tremendous importance. Good printing demands to be touched. Feel free to call our joint achievement sensory marketing. The total experience is central to the revamped Zilte and we carried this through into the visual identity.”

How do you see the relationship between you and Buroform?

“Communication and interaction are important. But efficiency is just as important. Ideally, a printer is able to immediately understand what the designer wants to convey in terms of feeling with the printed matter. And also be open to experimentation. That’s where Buroform comes in. I know I can always expect that little bit more.”

Check out the full case of Zilte.

The total experience is central to the revamped Zilte and we carried this through into the visual identity.