Customer in the spotlight: Bright Square

Who gets to say it better than our customers themselves? Therefore, we are happy to let them speak wholeheartedly at this place. About themselves and about our printing, because every project is teamwork! Featured today: marketing and branding agency Bright Square.

What can interested parties expect from Bright Square?

“We are an all-round communications agency that focuses on branding and marketing. We help companies make their story known in a clear, comprehensible and creative way. We do this by focusing on both online and offline communication. In that view, paper and ink are of great importance, as we believe very strongly in the value of beautiful high-quality printed matter.”

What makes Buroform stand out for you?

“The expertise, the vast selection of materials and the passion we share for paper and strong printing. We think it’s important to be considered by the printer and to explore new creative techniques. For the development of the care cover , for example, we put our heads together and worked with Valérie Maes to find the right paper and the matching printing technique. Such synergy ensures that the end result is taken to the next level.”

What is the importance of good printing for you?

“Today, there is more and more focus on the digital aspect. Yet the impact of a freshly printed card with a written message remains much more personal. This is precisely why printed matter offers great added value for a company. It helps determine the reputation of your brand, how you come across to the outside world and in this way is a perfect way to connect with your target audience.”

How do you see the relationship between designer and Buroform?

“As a designer, you have the necessary technical knowledge, but you never really know everything. Therefore, it is very important to be able to communicate with the printer about this. When both parties can work in unison on a project, all the puzzle pieces fall together and the end result only gets better. By being in contact with a printing company like Buroform, you learn an awful lot. Even on seemingly impossible assignments, a solution comes anyway, which naturally leads to huge success stories. Our Care Quilt is certainly a very nice example of that.”

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