Personalized calendar: the ultimate corporate gift?

In times when we all converse from behind a computer screen, it has become clear once again how much we need each other’s physical presence. How do you still stay close to your customers in this situation? For example, by choosing a personalized calendar. A thoughtfulness that stays good 365 days a year. Below we give you some effective tips & tricks for a bang for your buck for free.

Have calendar printed in your own house style

Tip 1: Be there on time

Christmas and New Year are busy times. Want to make sure you get your calendars in the mail on time? Then start it on time so you can enjoy a glass of champagne without stress during the holidays.

Tip 2: Define your target audience

Not unimportant: who is your calendar for? Sales people and office workers, for example, function in a very different way. One group is on the go all the goddamn time, the other is permanently glued to a desk between four walls. Or maybe your client just spends most of his/her time at home during these times? So decide on the form of your desk calendar first, before you think about the content: will you go for a handy pocket version, a creative wall calendar or a delightfully classic tabletop model?

Personalized desk calendars from Buroform
Put your own logo and address information on a calendar from Buroform.

Tip 3: Consider your choice of paper

Nothing more annoying than a calendar you can’t write on. Yet there are solutions to this as well. Some papers are incredibly beautiful, but less user-friendly. No big deal, in such cases you can, for example, add a sticker sheet to your calendar so that important dates can be marked with stickers. This will give your design a fresh young vibe in no time.

A calendar in party theme

Tip 4: Provide a visual gem

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create a handsome calendar. We can help you perfectly with the design. If there is still enough time, our studio will hit design for you. Still in a hurry and urgent? Also good! Send us your logo and we’ll do the rest. We have a number of standard designs on hand that we fully personalize with your logo. Depending on the print run, you will have your calendars on your desk in a minimum amount of time.

A corporate gift remains a form of branding, keep that in mind as well. Moreover, pay attention to the practical aspect: make sure that all the days are clearly visible and that there is enough space left to write anything down.

Tip 5: A customized calendar

Your calendar can look as simple or extravagant as you like. There are countless different paper types and thicknesses, printing techniques and forms of finishing. A tip: make sure the finish of your printing is a nice translation of your company’s style. To give you an example, our own calendar next year will be entirely devoted to our new acquisition: the HP Indigo 7900. Each month we will highlight a different feature of this super press.

Calendar with date marked

Tip 6: Mark your calendar with important dates

Give your client or employee a hand: dot important dates so the recipient knows immediately when vacations fall and events or outings are scheduled. Of course, the dates indicated must be relevant. And the recipient must be able to make sense of it.

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